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Welcome to Cosplay of Sacramento, a site dedicated to the art of cosplay. Here you'll find galleries of different cosplays photographed by lukeistheblacksheep.com - a Sacramento area photographer. Contact me if you'd like to get a photoshoot done and we'll schedule one. Your cosplay could be featured in the next gallery on this site!


- Check out the NEW blog section of the site! It will feature articles on local cosplay events. I have also put a link to the YouTube channel. Check them both out!

- Lots of new galleries up! Discover them all!

- Want to be featured in a gallery on this site? Contact me at luke@lukeistheblacksheep.com.

Cosplay Galleries

Check out my latest Youtube Video

For more Sacramento area cosplay photoshoot and event videos, check out my Youtube channel (Cosplay of Sacramento). It's full of local content covering SacAnime, Sac-Con, Sacramento area gatherings, and photoshoots! To keep completely up to date, subscribe to the channel to see new content as it is posted.

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